Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Last Day In Mexico

February 8, 2011
Awake with the sun, as it seems everyone does here everyday….early to bed - early to rise…  Tea and donut muffins for breakfast, greetings from Jack, Willy, and Gina...then a leisurely day hanging out watching some of Mikes amazing videos, until it's our turn to be driven to the airport.

A bit of anxiety at the airport but that's normal….where do we go, what do they need to see, where is my passport? No big deal!  As usual we find a smiling face more that happy to help us out!

Now I'm typing the last few day's activities in the plane, eating my sandwich and periodically peering out of the window at the amazing sights of crop circles and mountain ranges…I'm not sure why exactly but this trip has me not wanting to leave…..way more than any other trip…somehow in such a short time Mexico gets under your skin, I know this feels like home. 

Mexico we'll be back

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