Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Weather Riding

January 30, 2011

Today was a pure riding day, we did about 500km but took all day to do it.  The roads we were on in the morning were really tight twisty roads with banked corners….lots of fun but exhausting.  i also have some kind of the flu so i was tired before i started.  no problem though as we were soon on flatter ground and the temperature went way up….most of our trip has been in temperatures around 20 or less….lost of times less, as we are up in the mountains.  

From around noon on we were in 35 to 40 degree weather….nice for a change but wow hot!

We pulled into our hotel around 6:00 and all of us were quite happy to get here.


  1. We've had -20 deg c weather here and it looks like 30+ cm of snow tomorrow. Bet you can't wait to be back!

  2. We hear the airports are being shut down all over the states...the Americans here are freaking out....Were not worried, we could live here for months!