Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day One of Trip Number 2

The birth place of Carlos Santana

Gettin' wired up

Yes that is the volcano....

February 6, 2011
We'll we all made it for the 8:00 start…and were quite a spectacle pulling out of the garage onto the local roadway, 7 beautiful BMW’s all shiny and new! 

We have 3 couples on the bigger bikes this time, 2 on GS1200's and Mike and I on the GS800 (Aron's bike from last week), and 4 guys on the GS650's.  I figure this is a cool way to experience the life of a passenger in Mexico….

It's hard to believe that after an 8 day riding trip, last week that there is still terrain in Mexico that we have never seen before….today we passed by two volcanoes but approached them on a straight as an arrow highway through desert.  As this is Mexico's "winter" season down here everything is dry as a bone….this desert is actually a dried up lake bed! 

At our lunch stop today, where we chowed down a kilo of meat and fixings for emphadas as quick as a pack of wild dogs. We had a beautiful view of the bikes, parked outside the restaurant and the volcano as a back drop…what a site.  We were actually lucky to see the active volcano sputter a burst of steam just as we were leaving.

All this is caught on video by the crew driving around with us, so it should make for some spectacular footage. 

We did stage a few ride by shots for the camera, running both past the camera and back again at a few key spots… what a rough time, being a rider in a video…Yeah for snow in Texas!

That night we stayed in a beautiful Town on the ocean….it's a long weekend here (I'm told that are many long weekends here) so the coast is a huge destination for the locals, and who can blame them, this place is beautiful with ocean front 2 to 3 story walk ups, beautiful practically empty beaches, and of course tons of fantastic restaurants.  As a bonus we watched the Superbowl from one such place, drinking beer, eating hamburgers and nacho's and cheering on Green Bay.  It will be a long time before I forget this game!

The best part about our day was the hotel, we got to park the bikes inside the tiny lobby, and that was after we made the family who lived in the hotel move to a new room so that one of the couples could have that room. 

Of all the hotels we stayed that one was probably the least glamorous, and still it was great, lots of hot water and good beds.  We were lacking a working air conditioner and a fan but that was ok….I plugged in the bar fridge, opened the door and set it to max….background noise and coolness!

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