Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Flight Home Has Been Cancelled!! YEAH!!

February 4, 2011
Up early and pack to go home….packing usually task a bit of time as i split the suitcases evenly between us…that way if we lose one we can still manage with only one bag. Breakfast with Aaron as the other guys left at 6:00 this morning…aaron leaves at 5:00 tonight and we leave at noon.

During breakfast we decided to check on the flight status to see if our plane was on time….not only was it late…IT WAS CANCELLED!  were here until we can get another flight out…the airport is saying that should be a few days from now.  Stupid Superbowl!! those flights are taking the first available spaces while the Gringos in Mexico have to wait…well it could be a lot worse…we could be trapped in Houston instead of this beautiful Town.

John picked us up from the hotel to leave our bags with them while we take Aaron on a tour and lunch….this became a late tour just before he had to go to the airport because we discovered a broken bolt on the bike Mike was riding and spent a lot of the day trying to buy both tools and parts.

John and Lynne are letting us stay at their place for the next little while, but better than that, we are going to go with them to the coast to film some video for their web site and promotional video!! 2 more days of riding!

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