Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 2 Trip 2

February 7, 2011
Mike and I were up early for a great sunrise walk on the beach with David and Gloria, then breakfast at the coffee shop across for the Hotel.  I had a fantastic coffee and a bagel with Lox and cream cheese…I would say the best I have ever had anywhere!  Mike had waffles and tea and we ate while listening to "Garden in the Rain by Dianna Krall…one of my favorite songs by one of our favorite artists!

After breakfast it was some of the best riding to date through the mountains, full of tight twists and lots of elevation changes…I'm not sure if it's being on the back that was so much fun or not (for a rider the back is terrifying)…..but now I know how it feels to really crank through the corners!

Once out of the mountains and close to "home" the traffic became a nightmare…stopped traffic for miles….but hey this is Mexico, and we're on bikes……so we did what any Mexican on a bike would do….we drove up the opposite side of the road, pulling into the proper lane when a car came along…..what fun.  The car drivers were all looking out for us and even moved over to let us pass them.

We were back by about 5 had the bikes all parked and unloaded and were enjoying a cold beer at John and Lynne's.

Tomorrow we fly home…waaaaahh

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