Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 11, 2012

Were Back!!

January 6th to the 10th

Ok so it wasn't all fun and games...Mike and I did a serious clean up of the Bodega (shop), garage and the bikes.....ok this was fun too...the only scarry part was watching our for scorpions and black widows....eeeeuuuuuggghhh

ok no more spiders...hahaha


 more beautiful

not so beautiful....

ok a bit better

 after the anti spider wash...look what we find over the door to the resturant......Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaaa

and yes that's half the door frame...he's a bit LARGE!
oh and yes I did get brave enough to go in the door....

Another Artsy Mike Shot....

Spider what spider "I ain't fraid o no spider"

yoikes, is it morning already?

Wow all ready to go an another ride!!

Now that's a bodega!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 2nd to 5th - A Day in the Life of a Mexican Gringo

Ok so I may have mentioned it before, but nights here are fairly quiet, with most people retiring to their houses around 7:00, and up with the roosters at 5:00.  the roads are getting busy by 7:00 and life is in full swing by 9:00.  Life here means up at 7:00 to make coffee, eat breakfast and feed the dogs and cat...the gardener is here 3 days a week and the cleaning ladies are here once a week.  The pool needs to be cleaned and then there is the mandatory walk along the Malacon...on the way back we stop for some groceries...and we can buy almost anything here we can in Canada....there is a Costco and a Walmart within a half hour drive.

 Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup....and lots of sugary cereal for breakfast

Today is Wednesday so it's market day in Ajicic....we bought a ton of vegetables today, but there are lots of CD's, clothes, and trinkets too.

Back home for chores....sweeping...

...looking pretty...

and relaxing...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 1, 2012 - Happy New Year!

Ben, Rich and I spent the day with a neighbour taking in the sights of Ajicic including the New Years Parade, which is most of these pictures....lots of great food, fun and friendly people.

It's only the three of us as both Mike and John have come down with some sort of 'bug' that has them hovering near the bathroom...or in bed with chills...and a fever.

December 31, 2011...The last day of the year!

 Yes even after the singing of the night before Mike and I were up early for a walk on the beach.  There were quite a few fishermen out catching breakfast in the surf.

 Which way to the beach.....?

 This is where we stored the bikes after bringing them through the gates last night.

 All lined up and ready to ride the 6+ hours to Ajicic.

 Woops, my top box went flying off on a problem...we had tie-downs with us.

 Public washrooms are 3 pecos per person....

WOW a Harley in Mexico...and she was a Beaut!

 Riding home....

 This guy was waiting for Ben and Rich when they got back to their room....probably 2" across...but I didn't get close enough to measure.

 Yup it's Happy New Years!!