Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Full Riding Day - Ruins, Volcanos and Twisties

January 27, 2011
Ok we just pulled into our 50th small Town, but this time we pulled right up to La Plaza, the centre of Town to our hotel…yes we are quite a site, 7 brightly coloured BMW's plus the riders decked out in lots of colour whaling' through Town.

I'm now in the lobby of this hotel, having been too quick on the order to have a shower…am sitting by myself waiting for the guys to get back from moving all the bikes….i'm in the middle of some Town i have no idea what or actually where and i can't say a word of anything to anyone!!!  How fun is that!

I can't even describe what the riding was like today, I'm still in shock….we drove on the right side of the road, the left side of the road, passed cars on the shoulder, on the left side with cars coming, drove down the yellow line.  drive through stop signs…..and this is all normal and acceptable down here.

Its not as crazy as it seemed this morning, the drivers all look out for each other, and there is madness to the chaos.

We saw spectacular scenery, including a volcano and some Mayan ruins, which we walked all over and took a ton of pictures of……
Oh and in case your wondering, getting on line down here is a chore….uploading pictures to the blog is not working…not sure why but we cannot get it going.
Our group of travel companions are really great, of course you have no idea what they will be like until you meet….and than you need to ride….there are usually a ton of egos associated with bikes.

341KM today

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