Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 26 - The Market and Test Drive

Up with the birds again…7:00, but today we had the smell of burning wood as well. They burn the compost at the sides of the street to keep the streets clean…even that smells different. A breakfast of fruit and cottage cheese…and for some reason that tastes better than home.

We went for a long walk in the City and saw the market which sets up every Tuesday on one of the local streets. We saw fresh fish ands food on ice, vegetables of every sort, most we could identify, but some we could not, lots of videos, clothes and hand made goods…..took a ton more pictures of doorways….I’m not sure what my obsession is with these, but I'm starting a collection. We walked up the busy market street, a feast for the eyes, ears and nose…what fun.  Not cheap but unbelievable.

We walked along a beautiful waterfront, as the day quickly turned from cool to hot. Now we are in a small "hole in the wall" that open up to a beautiful garden terrace where we are having breakfast and listening to Hall and Oats "Sara". 

Back to the hotel for a short rest before we go out for our check out ride…looking forward to it!

Wow back from the check out ride…unbelievable…riding all over the road, super fast.  Huge speed bumps all over the place, metal caps across the road, signs we can't read, and signals that apparently don't mean anything.

This is going to be quite an adventure!

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