Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Travel Day

January 24, 2011
OK it's minus 22 degrees at 6:30am….we are in the airport, yes the truck started and mom and dad were ready to drive us to the airport.

At the airport, unloaded 7 separate pieces of luggage (4 carry ons), found the Continental desk and checked in in minutes.

On to US customs….scary guys in flak jackets….why does my heart rate always sky rocket…Guilty until proven Innocent!.  The guy asks our marital status, and I crack a stupid joke about being married….Not for long…shit does this guy have a gun?  I think he is going to shoot me!

Ok through…now on to security…..I get my hands scanned for bomb residue, and Mike, having just removed his riding jacket reeking of gas, walks through scot free.  dump the 4 carry ons….find and show them the computer…"yes it is nice ins't it, bought it yesterday", fleece off…back up shoes off….walk through the scanner, of through!

Find the first breakfast place available and buy 25 bucks worth of breakfast…2 bagels, 2 teas and 2 waters….get out the computer and start typing!

Its actually January 25th but i'm going back and trying to update what we did yesterday.

After typing and reading for a while at the breakfast place we decided to walk to our gate……on the way we found a currency exchange and got $6000 pesos, about $600 dollars.  The on the the gate…we walked for a long time then noticed were at the wrong gate which turned out to be at the other end of the airport….so quite a long fazed pace later we arrived at our gate??  This gate, in the Toronto Airport, was like a gate in small town no where….it was freezing, a smaller area that our shop, and packed.  we showed our idea then walked on the tarmac to out plane!  frozen by the time we got there as we packed our coats!

Our seats were great, right up front!  it was a small plane, 1 seat then 2 seats..probably 60 people…

We arrived in Houston taxied for ever, and pulled up to the terminal beside our connecting flight….a 20 min weight and we were back on the same looking plane.  we both spent most of this flight looking out the window, as we were in single seats.

We arrived at the Guadalajara airport, unloaded on the tarmac to a waiting bus and were bussed to the terminal 2 minutes away.

Through customs, pushed the button, GREEN, out to meet our pick up….ok we have never met before, I'k looking for the guy we met at the bike show, John, no john…Mike spots Yvonne with a sign for Mike and Michele…..Yeah we made it!

Yvonne is a great lady, a brit from Canada, and US….she has a great personality and a wonderful laugh.  She answered our million questions, pointed things out to us and provided entertainment on the drive to the hotel……We were pulled over by the local Coppers…who were hassling her about her American Plates.  Ok good she knows her rights and speaks Spanish…the cop drove on.

Ok she got us checked in …then left us…. CRAP!  Ok were on our own for a few days….should be interesting!

We hung out at the hotel for the night, walked the grounds, had dos servasia at the pool before it got too cool and windy to sit there.  We are up at 8,000 feet so it is not hat, just perfect for riding (25 degrees).

We had dinner at the hotel, enchiladas….low in salt and quite different from anything we have had before….they were really great!  We walked around the grounds after dinner and watched the cats that arrived out of no where, watched the herons fly off to roost and hid and ducked when the huge bats came close.

Bed time!  we fell asleep to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore of this huge lake.

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